"I use it for work. I deliver food on this thing and so I ride everyday. I have to take an aspirin by about 1 o’clock. I live here in the city, but I have a house out in the Central Valley, a rental I take care of. I own two houses actually."

"What’s it like riding a motorcycle all day for work?"

"It’s a blast. It’s so fun. It’s manageable if you don’t ride like a maniac. I’m always looking behind my shoulder at intersections. That’s what worries me, people behind me rear-ending me, but that’s about it.

"I had a job making killer money…it was dangerous and stressful. I said, ‘They can’t make me.’ My dad died 4 years ago. Life is short. I said ‘@$%# this man, I’m going to go do something else, even if I don’t make a lot of money!’

"I spent last summer on the east coast of Sumatera. My wife, I met her 10 years ago surfing in Indonesia. She lives on the east coast of Sumatera."

"My geography is terrible, where is Sumatera?"

"It’s one of the main islands in Indonesia. She’s a civil servant. She has a little house. In six months I’m going to Sumatera and I’m going to open up a coffee house."

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MyDubio | Miffy

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1962 republic of andolucia manual on demonic constructs

The infographic explanation on how demons work in my story is finally done! @_@ It’s more or less an expanded explanation of this. I worked really hard on it! hope its easy to understand—I couldn’t put everything in. 

the character featured in the amalgamated construct portion is savitri, a lady who can probably straight-up deadlift the entire rest of the cast

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Walter Dean Myers died yesterday at the age of 76.

I suspect that every YA writer has a Walter Dean Myers story, but here’s mine: In 2006 or 2007, I spent a long plane ride in the cramped back row of an airplane, situated between my editor, Julie Strauss-Gabel, and Walter Dean Myers.

He hadn’t read my books and didn’t know me, but when I finally got up the nerve to introduce myself a couple hours into the flight, he was astonishingly gracious. He shared advice about writing and publishing and stories over the decades. In my many interactions with him since, he was always so kind and gracious to me. He invented so much of contemporary YA lit, but he was always quick to credit and congratulate others.

He will be remembered not just for his brilliant books (he wrote more than 100 of them!) but for his tireless advocacy: He was the National Ambassador for Children’s Literacy until just a few months ago, and in March wrote this brilliant essay about the lack of diversity in children’s books.

Like many young people of my generation, I read Myers’ war novel Fallen Angels in my adolescence—it was, in fact, probably the first YA novel I read (although at the time I didn’t know about book categories; I just thought it was good). A veteran who enlisted in the army at 17, Myers was a brilliant war novelist (Sunrise over Fallujah is also excellent), but he could write about anything: He won the first-ever Printz Award for the brilliant and deeply troubling Monster, about a murder trial, and he won the Coretta Scott King Award an astonishing six times.

It’s hard to imagine YA literature without him.

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Tracey Emin, drawing of Kate Moss

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Fatal Asiana Crash in San Francisco Blamed on Confused Pilots

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The Asiana Airlines Flight 214 Crash Site, As Photographed by the NTSB

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Waiting for our wheels up to #EWR in #DCA. The usual…. #WashingtonMonument standing proud in the background. #md80 #embraer #erj #erj145 #emb145 #e145 #airport #aircraft #airplane #instapilot #avgeek #crewlife #pilotlife #aviation #avnerd #cockpit #washington #dc #washingtondc #cloudy #work (at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport)

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Michael Che, Gentrification, and Cupcake Stores

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